Add kpeople and kirigami as dependencies

Authored by Inoki on Jul 21 2019, 8:47 AM.


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KDE Connect SMS app and KDE Connect qml app are enabled.

SMS requires kpeople for contacts info, both two need Kirigami qml controls.

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KpeopleVcard is also needed to make the SMS app useful

Inoki added a comment.Jul 21 2019, 9:27 AM

KpeopleVcard is also needed to make the SMS app useful

Seems not yet appear in craft blueprints. Try to add it

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I'm not sure this is correct. KPeople should be a build dependency (it's included from smsapp/smshelper.cpp) and KPeopleVCard a runtime dependency

And it doesn't link and is not needed during runtime?

It is linked and used at runtime.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with Craft Blueprints. I just wanted to point out that unlike Kirigami or KPeopleVCard it is also needed at build time

build time deps are only required during build (cmake, ninja etc) runtime deps are always needed and need to be shipped

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