Fix detection of recommendation about DAO mode from growisofs

Authored by volkov on Jun 18 2019, 12:09 PM.



Fast blanked DVD-RW can only be burned in DAO mode. Some DVD drives
can't detect whether DVD-RW is fast or fully blanked, and the only
way to know it is from the error message from growisofs.

Currently k3b shows very uninformative message:
"Fatal error during recording: Input/output error".
This is because the output of growisofs is not parsed correctly.
First of all, stderr output is lost when growisofs is finished,
because K3b::ActivePipe closes the corresponding K3b::Process.
This is fixed by separating stderr and stdout channels of
growisofs. Secondly, the existing code assumes that the message
starts with ":-[", while it actually starts with ":-(".

Probably the bug was introduced 10 years ago by the commit

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Would it make sense to have it both in :-( and :-[ ?

Maybe the output has changed? (parsing output that isn't really supposed to be parsed is terrible)

The last release of dvd+rw-tools was made in 2008, and dvd+rw-format printed :-( even then.

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