Error message: can't open file
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Authored by DaWe on Jun 16 2019, 1:25 PM.
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There is a bug on Windows, and I see it's not fixed years ago, so maybe a better error message can prevent from deleting kdenlive after it just started first time

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I add 4 Kdenliverc files to show what happen on Windows.

  1. "kdenliverc_1-after open Kdenlive 1st time" -> Just after a clean install and opening Kdenlive the first time

  1. "kdenliverc_2-after import a clip and get the error message" -> After I import a clip and get the error message "cannot open file: …."

  1. "kdenliverc_3-after closing_not saving" -> after step 2 I do nothing. I close Kdenlive without saving

  1. "kdenliverc_4-after reopening" -> After restart Kdenlive again.

The source problem is now fixed in git master and Kdenlive can now open clips on the first start. Thanks for pointing again at this issue, it helped us working on it.