Ensure the loading indicator is actually displayed

Authored by tommo on May 12 2019, 5:43 PM.



Previously the indicator was only displayed if the file's MIME type has
not been recognized yet. However for local files the MIME type was always
detected during a synchronous load by the UI thread, thus the indicator
was never displayed. This can be especially noticed when loading big
panorama images that take a few seconds before fully decoded. With this
change the indicator is displayed as soon as a new url is opened.

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R260 Gwenview
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Thanks! Looks good.

Can you provide your full name and email address so we can land this patch with correct authorship information?

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tommo added a comment.EditedMay 14 2019, 3:30 PM

Can you provide your full name and email address so we can land this patch with correct authorship information?

I must admit that I'm disappointed of KDE's review process. I made my developments with git. I've provided phabricator with a git format-patch. Authorship, time stamp, everything was in there. Apparently these information were scratched away. When opening the diff here at phab I had to enter "gwenview" like 5 times and copy/paste the title and description of the patch into phab. And now you are asking for my name and mail again, the two remaining information I have not copy/pasted yet. This is too much red tape IMO. And KDE knows about those issues and srsly. recommends to use "Arcanist", a php tool for the commandline... frankly, because phabricator's web-designers were unable to design a proper webinterface with auto-completion. When looking at Github/Gitlab, realizing how easy contribution/reviews nowadays can be, this one here really disappoints me and discourages me to continue contributing, although I have a few performance related patches ready (which actually is the only reason that I've made it so far). Probably the wrong place, but I had to say that... but, maybe I'm the only one who feels that way...

I attached the git format-patch again. If you really need my full name rather than a nick, pls. copy and paste it from my phab account.

Your frustration is why we're planning to switch to Gitlab. :)

Thanks for providing the information!

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Please feel free to submit more patches. Most of us get by with arc, which is really quite nice once you get used to it, though I can understand how it would be annoying to install if you're only wanting to submit a few patches here or there.

Allow me to mention once more that we are actually in the planning stages of moving to Gitlab, and we hear you loud and clear. We hear this frustration over and over again and it was a huge part of what's motivating the decision to switch.