Page about saving, autosaving and backup files

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For handy reference. I hope I got all permutations here.

Two things I didn't manage to figure out:

This toctree thing:

checking consistency... /home/boud/dev/docs-krita-org/user_manual/autosave.rst: WARNING: document isn't included in any toctree

And how to refer to saving for the web:

/home/boud/dev/docs-krita-org/user_manual/autosave.rst:31: WARNING: undefined label: saving-for-the-web (if the link has no caption the label must precede a section header)

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I think it would be useful to have it clearly said here that if Krita closes normally, all unsaved work is lost and autosave files are deleted. Details are below in those two sections, but I feel like it still would be beneficial if repeated.


If you use "Save As" option, autosave files from previous "name" are not deleted. It is very visible when using Incremental Version feature which essentially do the same. (At least that was how it worked last time I checked).

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Added text as suggested by Tiaar.

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now with 100% fewer additional patch files.

maybe read out loud when you're done fiddling, it's an unusual amount of typos and grammar weirdness for you :)


shouldn't these be backticks?


Krita autosaves every


refer back to the two cases here, most people will have forgotten what cases you were talking about at this point.


'has been opened'


'save the file'



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Maybe add differences between Save, Save As and Export in "Saving" category above? You wrote about exporting to other formats, but in Krita you can both Save and Export in the same set of formats.

this stuff looks good to me. Good job @rempt

For toctree warning, I am not 100% sure but I think you need to add


in user_manual.rst file so that this page is in the sidebar and is in the list of user manual page.


This should be :ref:Saving for the Web <saving_for_the_web>

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Applied all suggestions

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Looks good to me.

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Fixed the link for good.

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It looks like i've got some trouble pushing to the manual at the moment.

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I am pushing this right now, can you upload the images seperately on gitlab?

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