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Authored by aayudes on Apr 1 2019, 7:18 PM.


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Made some small changes to colour selection effect. The name is now, "Chroma Key : Advanced". This means more people will find it when searching.

The default option for "Operation" in "Miniumum", so that multiple alpha minuplation effects can stack.

Set the default for the delta values for 200, like it was before. in 19.04, with the 0.2 value, kdenlive just sets the values to 1000, resulting in a black image. I think this should fix it but i might be wrong.

FEATURE: 406077

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I have not actually tested if this does work, although the changes are intuitive and minimal, so you can simply revert if you feel so.

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I think this is the same request: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=406077. correct?

Yes this is the fix to the bug request. I added "FEATURE: 406077" in the summary. I did make that bug request, and i realised the fix was quite easy so I did it myself. The "git diff" part was a bit complicated tho

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Thanks for the contribution, I've integrated it in Applications/19.04 (commit d71922756f58c4c5d86b409703adf61a2bdbdb39)

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Remove typo at start of patch

In the commit, the name of color selection was changed to "chroma-key", instead of "chroma key : advanced". This is a mistake. If you download the newest kdenlive build, this mistake appears.

Why has this happened? Do I need to make another diff just to fix this error?