Fix -/= key combinations zooming to cursor
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Authored by ashwind on Jan 28 2019, 6:30 AM.


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The - /= shortcuts work differently from the mouse. The mouse actions zoom with respect to the cursor position while the minus and equal-to zoom with respect to center of the canvas. This is intended to provide a consistency in zooming across mouse and - /= shortcuts having both of them to zoom according to position of the cursor.

BUG: 380001
FIXED-IN: krita 4.2.0-pre-alpha

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I don't know if this correct, while zooming from the mouse, i would like it to zoom with respect to my mouse cursor, but while zooming with the keyboard shortcut I would prefer it to be zoom in with respect to canvas center. I can't find the earlier discussion but we had a discussion about zoom actions.

A user would require to position his cursor before zooming in with keyboard for it to zoom towards the cursor position, in which case he would most like be zooming with the mouse shortcut itself. So move cursor then zoom with shortcut becomes a bit cumbersome. Having the distinction of two different type of zoom action would help and be useful for those who want both types

However this is my personal opinion, we can ask painters about this. @Deevad @ramonmiranda @timotheegiet what do you suggest.

Well I believe you are right. But the user will indeed have both type of zooms. The ctrl + +/ ctrl + - will zoom with respect to centre while =/- keys will zoom with repect to cursor position.

If you are using mouse and do not want to use the wheel you can easily use =/- keys while if you are solely on keyboard you can try ctrl + +/ctrl + - key combinations.

The ctrl + +/ ctrl + - will zoom with respect to centre while =/- keys will zoom with repect to cursor position.

sounds good. thanks

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I need to test this :)

Hm... the idea in interesting, though I still not sure if it is obvious to the painters that -/= and Ctrl++/- shortcuts work differently.

Dear painters, @woltherav, @Deevad, @timotheegiet, @Bollebib, could you please comment on this? Do you think that having a different behavior for -/= and Ctrl++/- is a sane/useful approach? The main idea of the author is that -/= are relative to the current mouse position, but standard shortcuts are relative to the center of the canvas. What do you think?

Deevad added a comment.Feb 1 2019, 2:49 PM

Ctrl+Space allows to zoom at cursor position already, for laptop users.

I'm not really against "Zooming at cursor position" even if I'm fine with all the zoom/navigation as they are since the last big redesign discussion we had a couple years ago.

  1. What happens if the cursor is on another monitor or over the GUI?
  1. Does it also affect Numpad+ and Numpad- ?

Well yes it works with numpad+ and numpad- keys as well.

I havent tested it with other monitors.