Handle cases where tailing "/" in CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH fails the detection of additional include directories.

Authored by knauss on Dec 14 2018, 4:32 PM.

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Aside from my comment above, all looks good to go in.


Not sure why you're storing the list of prefix paths in prefixHeaders and then duplicating it here, unless you've plans to use prefixHeaders elsewhere?

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Do you know the concept in python about mutable and unmutable datatypes?

a set is mutable, that means if I do:

a = set([1])
b = a
b |= set([2])
{1, 2}  # excepted 

{1, 2} # not really expected

In this case we reuse`prefixHeaders` only once, so we wouldn't have to care about it. But still prefixHeaders would be lost. IMO this copy makes it more easy to extend the code, as you don't need to remember, that a set is mutable.
If you want me to rewrite I would remove prefixHeaders completely and show by code, that the former set is lost:

noHeaders = set([os.path.abspath(i) for i in buildEnvironment.get('CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH').split(":")])
noHeaders |= set([os.path.join(i,"include") for i in noHeaders])
bcooksley added inline comments.Dec 16 2018, 9:09 AM

I'm well aware of it, yes.

I asked about that because it looked strange to see you prepare some data, then copy it to modify it again, while never referencing the original data again.

If you are planning for the future, then that's fine, but it initially looked to me like it was a leftover from refactoring that had been done while writing this code.

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get rid of need to use copy.

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