[scripting] Introduce redirect function

Authored by zzag on Oct 27 2018, 9:15 AM.



Consider current implementation of the Squash effect: if a window was
minimized, an animation will be started; if the window is unminimized
and the animation is still active (that can happen when user clicks on
app's icon really fast), the animation will be stopped and a new one will
be created. Such behavior can lead to rapid jumps in the observed

A better approach would be first try to reverse the already active
animation, and if that attempt wasn't successful, start a new animation.

This patch introduces a new function to the scripted effects API that
lets JavaScript effects to control direction of animations. The
prototype of the function looks as follows:

redirect(<animation id(s)>, <direction>, [<termination policy>])

the first argument is an animation id or a list of animation ids, the
second argument specifies the new direction of the animation or
animations if a list of ids was passed as the first argument. The
third argument specifies whether the animation(s) should be terminated
when it(they) reaches the source position, currently it's relevant only
for animations that are created with set() function. The termination
policy argument is optional, by default it's Effect.TerminateAtSource.

We can use this function to fix issues with rapid jumps in the Squash
effect. Also, redirect() lets us to write effects for simple animations
in slightly different style: first, we have to start the main animation
(e.g. for the Dialog Parent effect, it would be dimming of main windows)
and then change direction of the animation depending on external events,
e.g. when the Desktop Cube effect is activated.

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Fix merge conflicts.

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Would there be any visual change because of this new behavior?

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Generally, ship it!


Would it be feasible to have matching names and types for keepAtTarget and keepAtSource. They're effectively doing the same thing


It's better to not specify a default for a finite list.

This way you get a compile warning if someone added a 3rd direction.

zzag added inline comments.Nov 16 2018, 11:54 AM

So, instead of having two booleans, we would have a single enum, right?
Yeah, it makes sense, but this would be unrelated to this change.


I did this deliberately because one can go either forward or backward, but I don't insist on this one. Should I delete this part of code?


Instead of

bool keepAtTarget;
AnimationEffect::TerminationPolicy terminationPolicy;

We have either:

AnimationEffect::TerminationPolicy targetTerminationPolicy;
AnimationEffect::TerminationPolicy sourceTerminationPolicy;


AnimationEffect::TerminationPolicy terminationPolicy;

which has flags for {DontTerminate, TerminateAtSource, TerminateAtTarget}

That then becomes related to this patch as we'd have to name things appropriately

zzag added inline comments.Nov 16 2018, 12:37 PM

which has flags for {DontTerminate, TerminateAtSource, TerminateAtTarget}

With TerminateAtTarget, effects can then change type of animation (animate vs set).

AnimationEffect::TerminationPolicy targetTerminationPolicy;
AnimationEffect::TerminationPolicy sourceTerminationPolicy;

If we have the following TerminationPolicy

enum TerminationPolicy {

maybe it can work out, but I doubt whether it would be simpler than just using two booleans (bool terminateAtSource and bool terminateAtTarget).

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As an alternative, we could change the name of TerminationPolicy enum, so it's more concrete, e.g. RedirectTerminationPolicy.

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  • Unify keepAtTarget and terminationPolicy
  • Delete the default case
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