React to config updates inside indexer

Authored by poboiko on Oct 6 2018, 4:27 PM.



In case a config was changed, we need to:

  1. Stop the ContentIndexer (bug 373430)
  2. Remove all scheduled indexing of files that should not be indexed
  3. Check for stale index entries. Those includes documents marked for indexing, that should be removed

(because of that we need to do it inside scheduleIndexing before content indexing)

  1. Finally, check for unindexed files (if new files were added)

(based on D15939: Perform checks for unindexed files and stale index entries on startup). Also note that IndexCleaner should clean all files, not just those inside includeFolders

BUG: 373430

Test Plan

Seems to be working. But it would be nice to test it more.

  1. Add large folder to config. baloo_file start indexing it.
  2. Add it to exclude list. baloo_file stops indexing it, and removes entries from DB.
  3. Remove it from exclude list. baloo_file starts indexing it again.

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Looks good in general, but have to think a little bit more about it ..


Should read "This has to be above ...", also do the line break at ~ 80 chars


"Interrupt content indexer, to avoid indexing files that should not be indexed, bug 373430)"


replace these two lines by

m_checkStaleIndexEntries = true;
m_checkUnindexedFiles = true;
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Address raised issues

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Rebase on master

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It's a bad idea to removeRecursively starting from root of the tree (documentid 0).
If user has indexed /home/username folder, there is also an index entry for /home (that's how IdTreeDB works).
However, /home should not be indexed, according to checks (because it's not in includeFolders, while /home/username is)
This will lead to removeRecursively("/home") call, which will wipe index for /home/username as well.

Instead I propose to do checks based on includeFolders and excludeFolders
(which could have changed if config was changed and some directory was added to exclude list)

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Can you rebase this on master again? Sorry for the radio silence. :(

Can you rebase this on master again? Sorry for the radio silence. :(

Nevermind, I also kinda forgot about this :)
Seems like this patch still applies to current master:

# git rebase master
Current branch arcpatch-D15983 is up to date.
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