[Desktop] Update conversation list when a new message arrives

Authored by sredman on Sep 19 2018, 10:11 PM.



When a new message is delivered, the conversation list should update by changing the preview text and re-sorting the conversations

Bonus bug discovered and fixed: previously, when the conversations list was being populated, it made a request for the first message in every conversation. This would be fine if the conversationdbusinterface pulled from local cache. However, this actually triggers a request to the phone for *every* conversation.

This should be handled differently in conversationdbusinterface's requestConversation as well, but that's a project for a later day (TODO comments added)

Test Plan
  • Launch SMS app
  • Verify conversations list appears
  • Verify lack of massive stream of debug output indicating lots of messages for the wrong conversation are being received
  • Verify that opening a particular conversation shows the messages after a short delay while the backend fetches the content from the phone
  • Verify that receiving a new message into an existing conversation updates the conversation list

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LGTM overall, I'm a bit concerned this is getting a bit too complex.


Looks like it's casting twice? How about toReturn += conversation.cbegin()->toVariant()?
Also we probably should make sure it's not empty.


Should probably offset it by start?


leave empty?

In D15608#328757, @apol wrote:

LGTM overall, I'm a bit concerned this is getting a bit too complex.

I agree. Can you see anywhere where we can make it better, though? This patch actually removes one call/response on the dbus interface by directly providing the message contents instead of requesting them with the threadID, so nice from that point of view.

I will look into your other comments as soon as possible


What do you think about this being above the checks to delete m_conversationsInterface? That way, when the device is disconnected, you can still browse messages locally cached in the conversationDbusInterface.


I left this here so I could put a breakpoint on it and decide what to do with the incoming data 😬

Working on filling out this method is my next to-do to solve bug 398818

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  • Resolve possible null dereference error when replying with list of conversations
  • Reply with proper messages if caller requests start != 0
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The double cast was because I was trying to resolve a (different) issue. Good catch on the "null" dereference, thank you!


I forgot I could use a different dbus viewer to make the call: Now I have been able to test this and it appears to work!

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  • Make proper use of m_conversations when replying with conversation starters
  • Delete apparently unused ContactsList
  • Check for valid device when receiving ID
  • Disconnect from conversationInterface when creating a new one
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The problem I was thinking of solving by shuffling this method is actually not a problem in this component, so ignore this!

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A word on coding style:
In C++ KDE Connect we put the { on the next line for methods but on the same line for block within a method. Please adjust the patch and also your past work (in a separate commit)

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  • Update conversation list when we see a new message
  • Correct braces' placement
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Undo committing D15978

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Third time is the charm?

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