LyricWiki: link to the actual lyrics page

Authored by ltoscano on Sep 5 2018, 10:24 PM.



Instead of pointing to the homepage of the wiki,
set the link to the actual page of the lyrics
which are being shown.

BUG: 332664
FIXED-IN: 18.12.0

Test Plan

The link to the LyricsWiki points to the actual page.
Nothing changes when the lyrics are not found.

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Wikia doesn't support HTTPS so I'm at least a little leery of just dumping potentially-malicious output into a clickable link. A simple whitelist might be sufficient to at least make an attack along this vector more annoying than it would be worth.


If these three temporary variables can be declared as const I would recommend doing so as a micro-optimization.


I think we need to specify QUrl::FullyEncoded as an additional parameter here to make sure that the output is a properly encoded URL that can be integrated into lyricsUrl below.

And in general I'm interested in whether we can try to detect invalid responses that try to introduce javascript or other malicious activity (if Wikia is subverted, or intercepted using a MITM attack since they don't support HTTPS).

Full encoding isn't enough for that. Whitelisting would probably be better, maybe using a regex to verify that the fully encoded sub-path matches ^[a-zA-Z0-9_]*$ on the whole string?

I'm not sure of the exact syntax we'd need to support, though if the regex above is good enough then it also means we can afford to ignore the different decoding options since there'd be no difference between FullyDecoded or the default.

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It occurred to me while I was at work today that an attacker in position to MITM the search result we get back would also be able to MITM the lyrics page directly. Given that I'm less worried about whitelisting as that is barely even a speedbump. Encoding is technically still a good idea but I think the default mode should be enough for most normal pages.

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Thanks for the review, sorry for the long delay. I added the encoding parameter and the const keyword on two variables (titlesUrlPart can change)

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Implement the suggestions: encode the titles value; few const

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