Improve experience when using mouse clicks to zoom

Authored by rkflx on Jul 13 2018, 10:33 PM.



Gwenview allows to Ctrl-click to zoom in, and
Ctrl-right-click zooms out. However, when clicking fast only every
other click resulted in a zooming action, making the experience feel
slow and cumbersome.

The cause for this is that fast clicks are detected as double-clicks,
with only the first single-click being delivered to Gwenview.

By also zooming when double-clicking, for fast clicks each and every
click will result in an action, making zooming feel natural again.
Luckily there still won't be any duplicate clicks.

Test Plan

Hold Ctrl, repeatedly press left and right mouse buttons (start
slowly and then increase clicking rate). Zooming should work reliably

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Works like a charm, and the code change makes sense. I didn't even know about this feature!

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