Fix RecurrenceRule::timesInInterval() when parsing VTIMEZONE RRULE components

Authored by djarvie on Apr 10 2016, 12:20 PM.


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Currently, when parsing a VTIMEZONE's RRULE component in ICalTimeZones, RecurrenceRule::timesInInterval() returns no values. This is due to KDateTime::isValid() wrongly returning invalid for an instance which is specified in ClockTime, if the date/time is invalid in LocalTime. This in turn is due to QDateTime being set to Qt::LocalTime, and unlike in Qt4, QDateTime in Qt5 uses the local time zone to validate the date/time. For ClockTime, there is no associated time zone, so it should ignore the local time zone when validating.

In this particular case, the time being validated is the time in the previous daylight saving or standard time at which the transition to the next daylight saving/standard time takes place. For a transition to daylight saving, this is by definition invalid in the local time zone, and in any case it could be for any time zone (not the local one).

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New alarms in KAlarm were an hour out without this fix (see After applying the fix, alarm times are correct.

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looks fine, please apply it to 16.04 branch. And add the BUG line to the commit message to close the bug.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Merged commit to master. Can't see how to mark this review as closed.

Well currently phabricator is not listening to the correct repository, thats why it can't closed automatically. I requested the addition now.

In meanwhile you can close it your self - you find an option, for closing it in the action drop down menu.

I can't find an action drop-down menu!

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you see the comment field right :D and above this there is this Action and right of it there is a list of possible actions.

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Perhaps as the maintainer you have that option - I couldn't see a close option.

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So now kcalcore was added to phabricator, so it should close automatically :D

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