GpgEX - Preselection to enc/sign/both does not match

Authored by sengelhardt on Apr 5 2016, 9:52 AM.




When performing tasks like "sign and encrypt files" from the contextmenu in Windows Explorer, the preselected entrys in the Kleo do not match with the previous selection.

Test Plan

ensured the program behaves how expected using
gpg-connect-agent -v ~/.gnupg/S.uiserver

and using the required commands to sign, encrypt or sign_encrypt a file.

Compiled Kleo for windows, patching existing kleo installation with newly created Kleopatra.exe

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I need to mention:

when using a "force command", like "sign" or "sign_encrypt" what will happen ist:

(and the same for encrypt)

This seems inconvenient at first.
To ensure that signing and encrypting are working at the same time, the wizard currently needs this behaviour (or it will just not preselct anything)

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Looks good to me. Makes sense to interpret "Forced" as selected by default as we don't want to force the user to do anything.

Maybe in a second commit you could replace s/SignForced/SignSelected/ s/EncryptForced/EncryptSelected/ s/ArchiveForced/ArchiveSelected/ in kleo uiserver? So that it's more understandable in the code how the commands are interpreted.

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