Fix Logout screen countdown not cancelling on multi-monitor setups

Authored by davidedmundson on May 15 2018, 9:38 AM.



The logout greeter theme has a timer that invokes the current action if
no keyboard interaction has taken place.

This cancel on keyboard nav is broken on multiple monitor setups as even
if a user is interacting with one, the timer from another can still

Fix is via JS singleton library as the timer is very theme specific. I
didn't want to add anything in shutdowndlg.cpp as it would be breaking

BUG: 394249

Test Plan

Had multi monitor setup
Pressed key on one screen. All timer UIs cleared, nothing happened after 30 seconds

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R120 Plasma Workspace
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This is both genius and evil. I like that you kept it all in the theme.


var callbacks = [];


Name it add as first reading the QML file I thought you were overwriting the callback every time


I recall for .. in with JS Arrays being bad. I don't remember why, though.
Perhaps do

callbacks.forEach(function(c) { ... })
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@broulik: for ... in iterates over the enumerable properties. This would lead to "weird unexpected"(not really) results. ECMAScript 2015 introduced for ... of statement that iterates over data. In most cases, for ... of should be preferred over for ... in, unless someone wants to iterate over properties.

AFAIK, QML JavaScript doesn't support let, arrow functions, spread operator, for ... of statement, and other "new" cool features in JavaScript.

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