Change the default animationTime of 350 to 250, like most other effects
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Authored by pereira.alex on Apr 5 2018, 11:43 PM.



Change the default animation time of glide effect from 350 to 250. Other kwin effects seem to be more in line of 200 to 250 animation time. No need for glide effect to be so long

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Why another patch? Because it's settings related, you could change animation duration in D11976.

In D11977#240918, @zzag wrote:

Why another patch? Because it's settings related, you could change animation duration in D11976.

I am comming back to kde development after KDE3 days :) kidding.

It is the default value in the code. So, its changing the code default. I would like, if possible and wanted, to make a new config ui setting for animation time speed ( like "slide" effect has, duration setting ).

ngraham added a subscriber: ngraham.Apr 6 2018, 2:10 AM

(Note that Alex is the original author of this effect)

Please note that the other animation time durations are also just random picked values. I doubt the random picked 250 is any better than the random picked 350.

The problem is we never understood how long the animation times should be as we don't have any exerptise in this area. I'm personally rather against changing the values as this comes up again and again. Some want to shorten it, some want to make it faster. In the end it's a very personal opinion on what is a good animation time. What's very important is that we don't stutter during the animation. The shorter the animation time the more chance is that a user will not perceive it as fluent. That's especially the case on X11, less so on Wayland.

I would like to have a general solution to all the hardcoded values instead of randomly changing them. But I doubt we are any closer to solve this problem than 10 years ago when we first fought this issues. I remember @sebas introducing the timelines at the first plasma sprint pretty much exactly 10 years ago.

mart added a subscriber: mart.May 2 2018, 1:12 PM

250 is fine, and yeah, on x11 risks more to stutter.
what would be needed is perhaps having a single, kdeglobals level setting for animation duration.
there may be some animations (where things travel long distances) where would be better to set a speed rather than a duration, but that one is not the case.
in general i'm in favor of thing on a "meh, whatever" level tough a central setting would be needed.. also separate between x11 and wayland probably