Fixed deletion of files by Del button on Numeric Keypad

Authored by nmel on Mar 15 2018, 6:46 AM.



Regression is introduced by commit 3725037.

Test Plan

Press various combinations of modifiers and Delete, Del buttons. Only plain Delete and Del should trigger delete

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The tests I described work fine for me except for one case: Shift + Del. It changes current item. If there are files starting with dot ".", it will go to the next file, otherwise it will go to "..". I haven't figured why yet. Looks like a search but my breakpoints for search don't trigger. Any ideas are appreciated.

Additional info:
If NumLock is on, Shift + Del generates QKeyEvent(KeyPress, Key_Delete, ShiftModifier|KeypadModifier)
If NumLock is off, Shift + Del generates QKeyEvent(KeyPress, Key_Period, ShiftModifier|KeypadModifier, text=".")
I expected the opposite! o_O
It's another mystery.

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Kindly ping.

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Thanks Nikita for looking into this! I was unable to test it until now since I don't usually have access to a PC with standard keyboard with numeric keypad. It works nicely.

I cannot reproduce the shift+del bug. When numlock is off, I can use Del on numeric keypad as it was a standard Delete button along with shift modifier to delete files. I actually don't get this behaviour because by default on linux / xorg on numeric keypad e.g. "7" with num-lock off means "home" and shift+"7" means 7. Therefore "Del" with num-lock off should mean delete (this works) but shift+Del should mean "." like you wrote in your "additional info" section.

Question is how this works on wayland. I use wayland only on my laptop without numeric keypad so I'll test it later. The other PC has nvidia so wayland is off limits for now :).

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nmel added a comment.Mar 22 2018, 7:11 AM

Thanks for your review, Martin.

Shift + NumLock seems to be a known problem:

Strange that you can't repro that current item selection is being reset to '..' — it doesn't feel liek something specific to my setup. To other devs: if you can repro, please let me know.