Make passiveNotifications last longer, so users can actually read them

Authored by ngraham on Mar 4 2018, 2:41 AM.



Right now passiveNotifications last for 4.5 seconds by default, including the time taken up by their appearance and disappearance animations. In practice, the notifications are readable for abour 3.5-4 seconds, max. This is far too short a time for the user to notice that the notification appeared, move their eyeballs to it, start reading it, and finish reading it.

When a notification disappears before it's been fully read, or worse, before the user even started reading it, extreme feelings of user discomfort are generated. Users start to think, "did I miss something important? What are the consequences to not seeing that!?" It matters not if the notification was unimportant;people hate the feeling of "missing out", and the current low duration induces those feelings.

This patch increases the default time on-screen to 7 seconds, greatly increasing the liklihood that the user will actually notice and read the notification before it disappears. It also accordingly increases the short and long durations too.

Test Plan

Test in Discover:

  • Install Flatpak backend
  • Go to Settings page
  • Click hamburger menu for Flatpah backend
  • Choose "Add Source"
  • Enter "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa" in the text field and click OK

With this patch, the message that appears lasts for 7 seconds, and you can actually read it in time before it disappears.

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Not sure there was possibly a use case for a one-second textual notification. With this patch, the short duration is actually useful for very short messages.

apol added a comment.Mar 5 2018, 12:41 AM

Makes sense to me. Maybe we want to have some kind of formula to turn length into time like we do in plasma notifications (AFAIR).

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